Beach Haven Marlin and TUNA CLUB

420 N Pennsylvania Ave, Beach Haven, NJ 08008

PO Box 1216, Beach Haven, NJ 08008

Phone: (609) 207-6625


White Marlin Invitational Tournament

  • July 25, 2018
  • July 29, 2018


Logistics and Schedule:

  • 1)       The in-person registration begins on Wednesday at 6 PM at BHMTC.  Registration will be followed by the Captain’s meeting and kick-off dinner at 8 PM.
  • 2)       ThursdayFriday and Saturday’s schedule of events at BHMTC remains unchanged with the exception of the awards ceremony part which is moved to Sunday.
  • 3)       Saturday night will remain the Tournament Dinner, raffle, music, and great party (awesome food and band Friday night as well – so come enjoy them!).
  • 4)       Sunday will be the final day of fishing, and awards will be given out Sunday evening.  Food and drinks will be served on Sunday - though the larger traditional dinner and party will remain on Saturday.
  • 1)       Participants will have the option to fish 2 of 4 days between Wednesday, July 25th and Sunday, July 29th
  • 2)       The Weigh-in times of the scales has been extended to 8:30 PM each day (instead of 8 PM)
  • 3)       The distance of allowable fishing has been extended to 110 NM from the Little Egg Inlet buoy coordinates.
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